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Review of Mawlana Andhe Ki Laathi

The book contains 3 separate debates that Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg had with the Wahabis and Deobandis:

Maulana Atiq-ur-Rahman Sanbhali       (Deobandi)     
Maulana Abdul A'la Durrani                  (Ahle-Hadith)
Maulana Shafiq-ur-Rahman Shaheen    (Ahle-Hadith)

Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg, a Sunni Imam, after reading letters in the Daily Jang Newspaper, used to (and still does to this day) write answers to them. The Jang Newspaper, perhaps due to the Editor being pro-Wahabi/Deobandi, refused to publish them.

Thus, Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg decided that why not write to the scholars direct. So, he initiated his letters to Maulana Sanbhali in the early 90's. This debate didn't last very long as Maulana Sanbhali seemed to be stuck for answers or simply wanted a 'way out'. So, this debate ended and was published as a book called 'Shirk kya hai?' (What is Shirk?) and was also sent to the major Darul-ulooms of India, including Deoband, and to this day, as Allah is witness, there has been no reply to the book. This debate covers only 35 pages of the book 'Maulana, the blind man's stick'. 

Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg then read the letters of Maulana Abdul A'la Durrani in 'The Ravi', Bradford. Maulana Abdul A'la Durrani branded many acts of Muslims as Shirk and Bid'ah. Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg, as always, saw fatal flaws in Maulana Durrani's arguments and decided to write to him. Thus, the debate began. At first, Maulana Durrani was very adament with his argument and was very direct, but as time wore on, he failed to answer the queries of Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg and liked to change the subject often. This debate covers about 120 pages of this book.

The last debate was initiated by Maulana Durrani. Half way through his own debate with Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg, he 'claimed' that he was too busy to debate and referred Maulana Maleg to Maulana Shafiq-ur-Rahman Shaheen, but after Maulana Durrani read the replies of Maulana Shaheen, he was not happy and decided to continue his debate. Maulana Shaheen, however, refused to stop his letters, thus, Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg was debating 2 Ahle-hadith scholars simultaneouly. This last debate was the longest one, covering over 200 pages of the book. 

Now, it is up to the reader to decide which argument is strongest.

I urge all readers who understand Urdu to download this book and decide which way is the way of Allah and which is the way of Baatil.

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Abu Hanzala